Our main goal is security of our investors and their resources; we need your help to achieve it. This is why we have provided you with important information about how we secure your finances and what safety rules we recommend you to keep to. Please read the following information carefully.


All financial transactions are controlled by a secure gateway.
The maximum payment and withdrawal time is 24 hours.
We work with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform – one of the safest platforms on the market.
Security of our websites is guaranteed by our qualified IT department.
Personal data protection is our top priority.
We hold all the licenses that are necessary to provide selected investment services, issued by Marshall Islands Business Corporation Act with authorisation number 91438.
Insolvency insurance is also compulsory.
VelMarket uses state-of-the-art SSL certification technology – RapidSSL.


Remember to protect your login.
Do not provide password to other persons and change it regularly.
Do not set the password saving option on your computer.
Use only trusted computers and networks.
VelMarket will never ask for a password in an electronic or telephone communication.
Regularly update your operating system, web browser and antivirus software.
Use only trusted websites.



Phishing – fraudulent method by which a criminal impersonates another person or institution in order to fraudulently acquire certain information (e.g. login data, credit card details) or to persuading a victim to perform specific activities. This is a type of attack that is based on social engineering.


Pharming – more dangerous and more difficult to detect form of phishing. A characteristic aspect of Pharming is that even after entering a valid web address, the victim will be redirected to a fake web page (that may look the same as a valid one).


VelMarket uses state-of-the-art SSL certification technology – RapidSSL.

This technology is characterized by a very strong security key and provides state-of-the-art digital data transfer standards.

What is SSL Certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that enables data encryption and website authentication. This action (mostly https protocol) encrypts communication between the server and the client in such a way as to block unauthorized access. And although an unauthorized person can access the data through a simple http connection, the data they acquire will be completely illegible.

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